8u Meeting notes

Posted by Margaret Adolfson on Apr 07 2018 at 05:00PM PDT

I. Board Introduction and team roll call

       A. Introduced Margaret Adolfson as president

                              MaryBeth Hricenak as secretary

                              Kevin Walsh as treasurer 


      B. Roll Call had 14 towns represented announcing 20 teams in league


II. Rules Read and Discussion of changes

      A. Motion to move bases from 45 feet to 60 feet was made. 

          1. Reasons for: girls are athletes and could make the distance

                                 better hitters make it hard for girls to get ball and make a play

         2. Reasons against: girls cannot make the throw

        3. Vote was 11 nays, 3 ayes.  Vote did not pass. Rule stays the same. 

    B. Motion made to make the inning run rule 4 instead of 5 

         1. no discussion

         2. 11 ayes, 3 nays.  Vote passed.  Rule changed. 


III. Paperwork Requirements

       A. All teams need ASA insurance

      B. Any person having direct contact with or care of the girls need state approved clearances and a signed disclosure statement

               1. State police clearance which can be obtained at

              2.  State child abuse clearance

             3. If your volunteer has lived out of state in the past ten years they must also get their fingerprint done.  They start that process by logging onto:

             4. Disclosure statements may be found at

             5. Someone from your organization should take the training for mandated reporters of suspected child abuse at 

            6. People who have regular contact with children are now considered mandated reporters.  Suspected child abuse or neglect may be reported to childline at 1-800-932-0313. 


IV. Dates for season

      A. Next meeting for game scheduling will be April 30th. 7pm

      B. Season will be from May 1st through July 7th.

      C. Carbondale's 8u state tournament will be July 14th and July 15th.

     D. Dickson City's 8u tournament will be July 16th through July 22nd. 




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