Initial 10u Meeting Jan. 14, 2018

Posted by Margaret Adolfson on Jan 13 2018 at 04:00PM PST

*Nominations were taken for President and Treasurer as Chris Chapman and Gia Shedd stepped down. 

Margaret Adolfson, league secretary,  was nominated and elected president of the 10u Valley Junior Petunia League. 

Therefore nominations were taken for league secretary.  MaryBeth Hricenak was nominated and elected league secretary. 

Mike Burrell was nominated for treasurer.  He was not at the meeting to accept. 

*Common By-laws were read. 

*League rules were read.  Proposals were made for changes. 

      1. Proposal to have players steal first to second base. 

*Umpire Fees per game is $38.00.  Each team is also responsible for the $2 per home game fee to be paid to the league who in turn will pay the umpire association.  A member of each town organization should register on so they are in contact with the umpire association. 

*President proposed that the league pay for the full website to have benefits of tournament brackets, tracking team's progress and standings, also a facebook connection. 

* Next Meetings:

      *February 11, 2018: Vote on proposals

      *March 11, 2018: Scheduler 

 *League Fees and Paperwork: 

     Fee: $100.00

     NEPUL Fee: $2.00 per home game

    Proof of Insurance

    Team Roster with full names and birthdates

    ACE certification for one member of the organization  





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