Second Meeting Notes

Posted by Margaret Adolfson on Feb 10 2018 at 04:00PM PST

February 11, 2018

I. Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll call 

III. Rereading of Common By-laws

IV. Proposals to be voted on: 

     A. League to pay for full website membership.  NO discussison.  Unanimous voted yes

     B. Players to be allowed to steal first to second base after the pitched ball crosses homeplate.

         1. Comments for: teaching important aspects of the game, open awareness of what should be happening.

         2. Comments against: taking away forced play,  learning process should be tiered and players who are ready could 

             move up to next level. 

         3. Proposal was voted against.

  C. Proposal was made that we change innings 1, 2, 3,  4, run rule to four instead of five. The fifth inning would remain unlimited. 

       1. Proposal was passed 12 to 1. 


V. Rules were reread with no changes. 

VI. Dates for season: 

          Opening day: April 9th.  Games may be played that day but do not have to be. 

          Season end date: June 6th.  Rain date games: June 7th/8th.  These are not the mandatory dates for make-ups the make up must be replayed by these dates. 

           Post Season tournaments: June 11th-June 16th

                               Play-off will be held in Taylor

                              Classic I will be held at Tripp Park

                              Classic II: will be held at Olyphant

VII. Number of teams per town needs to be known by March  7th.

VIII. Next Meetings: 

           March 11th: Scheduler and Paperwork/fees due 

                              North teams at 5, South at 7:determined by how many teams are in league.

          April 8th: Mandatory Coaches Meeting  

**Mike Burrell declined nomination for league treasurer.  Kevin Walsh was nominated and accepted as treasurer for league.  



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